'Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes' Review: Garden Warfare Meets 'Hearthstone'

Forbes. Oct 18, 2016
"There’s a lot of depth to the gameplay, but the fun of Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes goes even deeper. Much of what the game does well is in its presentation. The great jazzy music; the superhero comic book animations when your hero uses their special power; all the sound effects and the crisp, cartoony graphics. It all adds up to make the overall experience really great. That you’re not bombarded with ads or constantly told to buy gems makes it even more pleasant, especially for a mobile game."

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Review: Flowering Anew

Gamezebo. Oct 21, 2016
"The cards consist of nearly every plant and zombie you’ve ever seen in a Plants vs. Zombies title to date, along with many more making their debuts here. The designers deserve a lot of credit for being able to dream up so many more memorable additions, and a lot of effort clearly went into details like their animations, sound effects and flavor text."